One variant type of betta splendens are quite popular these days is a Giant Betta. Betta fish this one has a much different body size to body size betta fish in general, this is because then he called the giant betta. Other than that related to jumbo size, this giant betta fish is also easy to care for. grows quickly, eats well, and in Thailand has been developed to be very beautiful. The care is the same as other Bettas

Some betta hobbyists often asked via an online forum, how exaggerated the size of a normal / standard a Giant Betta? Based on the experience of hobbyists who try to breed her giant betta, found some size records based on age as bellow.

* 3 months – 3-4 centimeters long
* 6 months – 5-6 centimeters long
* 9 months – 7-8 centimeters long

When full grown they can reach 10 up to 12 centimeters from head to tail The personality of the Giant Betta is the same as a regular betta fish except it’s a little harder to breed.

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